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Stefanie introduced her new song "It's time" to the German audience.
After having recorded the song with producer Thomas Sandmann, she spent a few more days in Germany to perform "It's time" on six different stages, each of which has been presented by a different radio station - live in concert with Rednex, Karat, Puhdys, and Jeanette.

Stefanie in Berlin, rs2 Radio
Titanic on River Havel

Havel Queen Voting, Brandenburg:
Stefanie performed Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" on River Havel - on a Titanic boat built especially for her. The event has been presented by BB Radio.

In December 2003, Stefanie introduced her new Christmas song to the German audience at "Weihnachtsmannparade", a well-known live event in Berlin area.

In addition to TV shows, Stefanie is planning on a live concert tour starting in 2004. Initially intended for the USA only, first feedback from Germany makes her make up her mind on doing a few concerts there, too.

Stefanie live on stage


Stefanie S. Praytor live in Brandenburg
at "Weihnachtsmannparade".

Stefanie in Berlin
Fiesta L.A. Lakers

Stefanie performed at the Lakers Fiesta at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown LA. The event has been televised.

Impressions from Germany:
Stefanie did her first interviews for the German press, radio, and TV editors. She visited Valetti's CD release party, being accompanied by her producer Thomas Sandmann. In addition to her new song "Le Chanson", there will be more new songs Stefanie is just working on.

Stefanie and Thomas Sandmann


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