Short Bio

1993 Scholarship from the US Congress & German Bundestag.
Training in Washington D.C.
Leads Seminars at well known Universities all over the U.S
1994 Stefanie choreographs her first Musical "Popeye, the Sailor" in Los Angeles
1995 Best Choreography Award for "I never saw another butterfly" in "The Circle of Life"
1996 Hosts televised Sports Magazine being shot in Munich and Las Vegas
1997-1998 Girl Group "Volume", in concert with Shakira, Debbie Gibson, Le Click, Az Yet & Wild Orchid
1998-1999 Release of Stefanie's Solo CD "Open your Eyes" in Europe, European Tour
2000 Awarded Best Dance Teacher for children
becomes Vice president of "Kids in Motion" teaching Dance, Gymnastics, Music & Theatre
2001 Signs recording deal with hit-producing label Master Orange in Germany
2002 Background Dancer for Latin Singer Anrea Vicich
Lakers Fiesta, National & International TV Broadcasts
2003 Lakers Fiesta presents her single "La Chanson"
National & International TV & Radio broadcasts
Open Air Berlin/Germany presents her single "It's time" in front of a live audience of 100,000 people, live in concert with Rednex, Karat, Puhdys, and Jeanette Biedermann

Are you interested in how Stefanie came to America? How she started dancing and singing? Here is the whole story!


Stefanie S. Praytor
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