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Stefanie S. Praytor

Stefanie S. Praytor was born and raised in Germany. She started out with ballet lessons at the age of three followed by a performance in the Musical Cinderella at the age of four.

When Stefanie was just barely a teenager her interests shifted a little, mainly, because her parents told her to learn a "real" job first. So she applied for a scholarship from the US Congress and German Bundestag. 6,500 people applied for that scholarship nationwide, and only one person was being chosen. After a number of tough Interviews and written tests, Stefanie received a letter in the mail from the President of German Bundestag, stating that Stefanie got the scholarship.

The following summer Stefanie flew to Washington D.C. and was leading Seminars at well known Universities all over the United States from Stanford University on the West Coast to Georgetown University on the East Coast. Her stay in America was supposed to end after one year, but Stefanie never returned to Germany...

With a bright future ahead of her, she decided her definiton of a real job shifted back to the old dream of being on stage and she moved to Los Angeles, studying at the well-known Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Hollywood. While still in school, she choreographed her first Musical "Popeye, the Sailor" at the age of 17 in Los Angeles.

In 1995, Stefanie received the award for Best Choreography for "I never saw another butterfly" in the "Circle of Life"

After she graduated from acting school, she was finally free to go to acting auditions and started sending out her headshots. The first phone call she received was for a music video - an acting part - so she thought. When Stefanie arrived at the audition she soon found out, that a girl group was looking for a 4th member in order to sing four part harmonies. Since Stefanie had to take singing lessons in acting school, she decided on giving it a shot. Two days later she attended the callback, and a month later she was on tour with the girl group - live in concert with Shakira, Debbie Gibson, Le Clique, Az Yet and Wild Orchid. be continued!


Stefanie S. Praytor
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